Create a Calendar!

Windy is here to say that there is fun to be had in all kinds of weather, no matter the season!  There is a “Windy” image for every month.  You will also find the names of the months and days of the week and all of the numbers you will need to create your own calendar.  It is a great way to highlight special family events.  Scroll down to visit the Advent Calendars.  Happy New Year!



Create your very own personalized monthly calendar with our 11×14 inch prints!  Use your imagination to decorate and show birthdays, anniversaries, special events, and holidays.  The calendar pages are printed on high-quality, natural white linen text weight paper.

Advent Calendars

Each of the Advent Calendars are a collection of twenty five miniature images that are designed for a matching 11×14 inch print.  Magnetized, these images may be placed on the background print, one each day before Christmas.  These calendars can make a large decorative Christmas card that will entertain one and all.

See Instructions.

Nativity Advent Calendar



Christmas Tree Advent Calendar