Holly Berry House Originals Rubber Art Stamps

With over twenty years in the rubber art stamp industry, Kathryn Read has created over three thousand images, including The Amazing Medallion, The Victorian Treasure Boxes, The Mission Bells, The Bird Cottages, Standing Angels, Celtic Crosses and many others for every reason and season.  At Holly Berry House Originals we feel certain you will be delighted with the uniqueness of these original design concepts.  All projects are beginner level.   Cutting guides are provided with your order where required, especially for the Amazing Medallions.  Instructions for all projects are available on this website by clicking on “Instructions”.  Enjoy the ride as you adventure through the wonders of the fine art of rubber stamping.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: At Holly Berry House we take great pride in the quality of our products, our courteous and superior service, and the originality of our designs and accessories.  Our stamps are totally made in-house in the USA from the finest materials available. All images are indexed by hand on clear white maple for a realistic long-lasting image. Images unmounted on repositionable cushion are available upon request.


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COPYRIGHT: The entire contents of this website is Copyright Holly Berry House Originals.  All designs are for private, non-commercial use.  Mechanical or electronic reproduction is strictly prohibited without permission from the artist.  All rights are reserved and will be vigorously protected.

ANGEL POLICY: Permission for Limited Use. Permission for limited use of Holly Berry House Original Rubber Art Stamp images for HAND-STAMPED items created for profit may be granted ONLY by Kathryn Read, artist and owner of said copyright.

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