Professional Finishing Services for Knitting and Needlepoint.  
Needlework and knitting finishing and repairs are two services that Needleworks eagerly offers to stitchers. Our finishers are experienced and wildly eager to do a professional finishing that will extend the wear of a hand-knitted garment or create a family heirloom that will be enjoyed for the ages.

Finishing and knitting repairs includes the blocking and sewing together of a knitted garment for those who love to knit but abhor the assembly! Knitting repairs are often needed when a favorite garment has a snag or a raveled area that needs a certain expertise to stop the damage from going any further and to bring it back to a nice, wearable condition.  For best results, our experienced knitting finisher would encourage you to bring it in sooner rather than (too!) latter!

Needlepoint finishing is a special talent that few can achieve or admit to.  It can make or break a hard won project.  Our stitchery finisher has years of expertise and simply loves the finishing aspect of fine stitchery.  She will work with you on the choice of colors and give your project the care and consideration it deserves.

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