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Classes and Open Stitching
Needleworks is most proud of the quality of the instruction in the wide variety of classes offered on a daily basis.  Nothing makes us happier than the gales of laughter coming from a group of students and the camaraderie stitching together brings or the absolute silence when we know that our students are quietly amazed at what they are focusing on and learning. Our terrific instructors are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and skill to encourage the lifelong enjoyment of these stitchery arts.  If  you are thinking of taking a class or renewing an interest from the past, just peruse the current offerings in our newsletter.  If you have questions just call us at 1-719-636-1002.  Private lessons are available in most categories.

Needleworks Instructors

Crochet- Crochet comes as naturally to to Sharon Burough as breathing.  With a lifelong interest in crochet, Sharon is quick to lead a student right through the beginning learning experience and straight into the amazing possibilities.  Crochet has inspired many new trendy patterns and an abundance of new publications.  It is a great time to meet Sharon and learn from a very enthusiastic, encouraging instructor.

Cross Stitch- Carol Fitzhugh is a newcomer to the teaching staff at Needleworks.  She comes to us with thirty years of cross stitch experience.  You will benefit from her courageous approach when you are moving easily from her beginning and intermediate classes right into her class for adventurous students, with stitching that will be unlike anything you have seen before.  Welcome, Carol!

Decorative Embroidery- Kathryn Read embroidered her first piece at age five.  With the encouragement of two grandmothers, it quickly became a favorite way to express her love of art with a simple piece of cloth, a strand of thread and a small needle.  Kathryn is always eager to share her enthusiasm for this ancient decorative art form.

Knitting- Knitting is king at Needleworks primarily because of the talents of Linda Baer, Engla Pickett, and Jill McCloy.  One cannot over express the knowledge, the skill and the enthusiasm this trio has for creating masterpieces with two needles and skein of yarn. Literally hundreds of students have learned to knit in the cozy little classroom at Needleworks at the side of one of these patient, proficient and professional ladies, only to move on to a lifelong love of knitting, all on their own.

Needlepoint- Just say the word “needlepoint” and you will see a sparkle of light in Carol Fitzhugh‘s eyes.  As an instructor at Needlework’s, Carol is the “go to” person with all of the knowledge and skill that years and years of experience can bring to a stitchery art.  Her precise work and her love for the process shows in every stitch and her soft, encouraging style of teaching make it a joy to learn by her side.

Needle Felting- Only Elizabeth Barber could grab a “fuzz ball” of roving and a felting needle and create perfectly charming three-dimentional dragons, sea horses and so much more.  Miraculously, students, under her direction, are able to do the same.

Tatting – Elizabeth Barber has never met a stitch or a technique, in the world of stitchery, that she doesn’t like.  Year after year, her adventures in the world of fine lace making take her right to a blue ribbon at the State Fair.  Beyond that, Elizabeth has taken a path that will ensure that these exquisite skills will thrive and grow by teaching them at every possible opportunity.

Temari- Jill McCoy brought with her to Needleworks, the beautiful art of temari.  Simply said, temari are treasured embroidered gifts created in the round.  Jill learned this special art first hand in Japan and has graciously shared it’s secrets with all who are drawn to it’s magic.

Wool Applique – Kathy Gaul brings to wool applique all of the respect one could muster for an authentic early american craft that surely must thrive and not be forgotten.  Her love of the “simply elegant” approach to design and the honesty of early American folk art blend to bring to the world of stitchery something extremely special.

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Open Stitching
Needleworks hosts several “open stitching” groups that gather just to stitch together for the sheer pleasure of it. There is no fee and no instruction, though stitchers always learn from each other!

Open knitting meets on Wednesday mornings from 10:00-12:00

Tapestry and Tea Needlepoint meets on Wednesday afternoon from 1:00-3:00

The Rug Hooking Group meets the first Thursday morning of the month from 10:00-12:00

The Gathering for Wool Applique meets on the 4th Thursday morning from 10:00-12:00

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