Fine Stitchery

Fine Stitchery and Fibers

There is nothing more rewarding than the completion of a beautiful tapestry, cross stitch or embroidery project.  Needleworks considers it a mission to introduce these rewards to a novice stitcher while providing a source for beautiful canvases, patterns, fibers and tools to the stitchers of all levels.  Let us guide you in the search for the perfect stitchery project.

JP Needlepoint

Needleworks offers the best and newest collections from the finest artists offering stitch-painted needlepoint designs.  Along with the in-house collections, their most current catalogs will give you an inspiring look at what you have to choose from today.  Your choice will arrive freshly painted just for you!

Look for Melissa Shirley, Susan Roberts, Lee Designs, Leigh Needlepoint, Rebecca Wood, JP Needlepoint, Dream House Ventures, Carolyn Barrani, Cooper Oaks, Mindy, Kathryn Read and more.

Embroidery & Cross Stitch 
Embroidery and cross-stitch are experiencing a revolutionary return in popularity for the unmatched beauty of the finished pieces and for the rewarding experience of the stitching.  Needleworks strives to offer unique quality and originality in kits and patterns.


Look for the beautifully presented cross stitch kits from the Scottish Textile Heritage Collection.  They are unmatched for fresh, colorful images created expressly for bookmarks, needle cases, scissor keeps, sachets, key rings, cards and more.  Visit their roses, pansies, poppies, daffodils and lilacs.  Or maybe you would enjoy the Victorian Thistles, the highland cow, or robins, red squirrels, kingfishers and frogs.  These kits are a pleasure to stitch and to receive!



Theresa Layman simply stunned the stitching community when she released the collection of Fine Miniature Knotwork Kits.  Few knew of the minature masterpieces one could accomplish with a small needle and a single strand of thread.  Each kit comes with pre-printed cloth, two needles and stitch diagrams.


Carolyn Barrani from The Tapis~Tree is a virtually the culmination of talent, creativity, energy and passion.  She designs for needlepoint, cross stitch and her very favorite, crewel embroidery.  Her kits and canvases have entertained the stitchery world for decades and continues in the form of brand new ideas and concepts.  Needleworks was honored, in the fall of 2012, to host one of Carolyn’s rare and wonderful stitching workshops and continues to carry a large collection of her work.


Kathryn Read’s passion for embroidery continues to encourage new designs for the  Simply Embroidery Collection.  These patterns include twelve miniature Medallion images designed as pillow panels or to be framed as an art piece.  Each pattern comes with the image on Irish linen, a stitch guide and stitching instructions.  If you love embroidery you will enjoy these unique designs and the rewarding “calm” stitching them brings.  Also available at Needleworks is Kathryn’s growing “For the Love of Needlepoint” collection.  You will find traditional Christmas ornaments, Santas, nutcrackers and snowmen, the frivolous and charming Easter Egg collection and many amazing Medallions.  (To visit Kathryn’s art stamp collection click on Holly Berry House Originals on this website).




Elizabeth Bradley continues to stun the stitching world with her beautiful Victorian cross stitch kits.  They are the best of all stitchery worlds….cross stitch with beautiful Appleton wool on a painted canvas.  Because they are cross stitched they do not need a frame. Because they are on a painted canvas there is no time consuming counting.  Recently Elizabeth Bradley has introduced her own line of wool to match her amazing kits.  At the same time, she has dramatically expanded her collection for all to see.  Needleworks encourages you to visit and choose something fabulous from her newest catalog.



Beth Russell defines the best in English tapestry.  Her collection continues to grow while her style stays true to the historic elegance one expects to find from a British artist of such dedication and vision.  At Needleworks we encourage you to become familiar with her classic style and venture into her world of elegant tapestries.  Family heirlooms, each and every one.

Fine Stitching Fibers
Needleworks offers Appleton Wool, Silk and Ivory, Anchor Cotton Floss, Impressions, Vineyard Silk, Rainbow Gallery, Weeks Dye Works, Burmilanna, The Gentle Arts, Anchor Cotton Floss, Pearl Cotton and more.

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