Holly Berry House Gallery of Artisans

For over 25 years, Holly Berry House has been happily nestled in Historic Old Colorado City, on the mountain side of downtown Colorado Springs.  It features the works of a very select and talented gathering of local artisans.  Their work is complimented by vintage linens and jewelry, small collectibles, cards and Calendars, gourmet jams and jellies and much, much more….!  It is also the home of a fine collection of fibers for stitching needlepoint, embroidery and cross stitch. You will find fine, stitch painted needlepoint canvases, charming cross stitch and embroidery kits and more.  Look for us across the street from Bancroft Park in historic Old Colorado City.  Enter at Needleworks at 2409 West Colorado Avenue.


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Cindy Webb might well have been born with a paint brush in her hand.  She is truly the master of the brush, China paint and porcelain bisque.  Miniatures, buttons, ornaments and more fill the shelves of her dainty antique cupboard in Holly Berry House.  The tiny door opens many times a day as her collectors stop in to see what is new.

Libby Greene pottery is as much a part of Holly Berry House as the walls that surround it.  After many, many years of offering the ever-so popular tree, bear, moose designs, Libby has generously created a new Cottage French line of pottery exclusive to the shop.  It is so organic and fine in shape, color and design it will blend in a very classic way, with any kitchen.  Also look for Libby’s elegant “knitting bowls” in Needleworks!


Amy Beeler can’t get images of fairies and elves out of her head.  Each day another seeks creation at her talented fingertips.  Upon completion it will happily become a Claydoodle and join all of the other Claydoodles as one of the most collectable clay creations to be found.  Think of Amy, the Enchanted Doodler, and her santas, snowmen, ballerinas, witches and elves….fairies all!



Elaine Billiard’s fully-jointed, mohair bears have found themselves in the homes of bear collectors around the world.  A Holly Berry House exclusive for many years, these bears, from miniatures to the rather hefty but elegant Bently, are so finely done each one seems to share their special, unique personality.  Be sure to take time to meet her hedgehogs!

Linda Bender can turn a stitch like no other.  Her precious hand-smocked dresses and doll clothes can truly cause a Grandmother’s heart to patter.  These heirloom treasures are so rare as to almost be unheard of in this new century.  Holly Berry House has had the privilege of offering these lovely collections for many years. 


Mary Ann Cramer has been designing and sewing quilts for Holly Berry House since it’s beginning more than twenty five years ago.  We have been contiuously bless by her talent, attention to detail and love of quilting.  It would be interesting to know how many customes across the United States have a Mary Ann Cramer quilt in their home.  We continue to look forward to Mary Ann’s deliveries to the shop in 2013.


Janice Meylan‘s talents are many and most seem to center around flowers…fresh flowers in glorious bouquets, terribly charming silk flower arrangements in the most unusual and collectible containers and china flowers in her one-of-a-kind, tatally fabulous and extremely collectible china mosaics.

Sally Smith wasn’t going to let grass grow under her feet after years of travel and teaching art.  Her love of the environment and arts and crafts came together with her retirement when she began making handmade treasures from recycled paper, botanicals and bits of fabric.  The cards and journals that she creates are one-of-a-kind, much like this talented artist herself.


Pam Hein is the sole creator of the whimsical and humorous Fairiee Hill Hollow collection.  Each one is original, handmade and sure to bring a big smile and sometimes, actual gales of laughter.  Her amazing skills create the unique sculpted masterpieces, her great sense of humor make them a joy to give and receive.  From the tiniest whispees to her stunning fairy center pieces, all are an original masterpiece from Pam’s talented fingertips and imagination.

Carolyn McLean has taken a cherished family knitting pattern for a baby sweater and matching hat out of the family archives and made it  a “must have” for every one looking for a beautiful, unique baby gift.  The come in all of the sweetest pastels and, of course, the whitest white.  Each one has intricate hand embroidery around the bodice and tiny hand painted porcelain buttons….a must see at Holly Berry House.



Patty Sorensen’s  jams and jellies are famous throughout the state of Colorado for their gourmet quality taste and charming packaging.  Few know they got their start many years ago at the Holly Berry House Folk Art Festival.  They make the perfect gift for the hard to buy for.  Hostesses love them.  You may purchase by the jar or order by the case.  Simply delicious!

Donna Jensen began her career painting tiny miniatures.  While they were treasured collectibles it became clear to Donna’s admirers that her charming style was destined for the world of cards and stationery.  Her success there lead her rapidly into a world of licensing her art for clothing, linens, banners, and much more.  We take great pride in knowing that she began her artistic adventure with Holly Berry House.  Come will visit her “Posies and Such” paper collections.

Kim Tyburczy sees a masterpiece in every perfectly formed goose egg…or ortrich egg…or any egg at all.  And a masterpiece is what you get when you visit her special egg display at Holly Berry House.  Some are beaded, some encrusted with rhinestones and other jewels, some depict a gentle scene and others glow softly from within.   Collectors of “prefection”, this is a “must see” at Holly Bery House.

Sheryl Slepicka’s pillows do talk and they say the most charming and humorous things.  There is a saying for every reason and every season and bunched together they practically sing!  Cheryl’s hand embroidery embellishes carefully chosen fabrics perfect for gift giving and perfect your own private collection.

Megan DeSmidt designs and creates the most elegant tapestry purses and bags in the country.  Holly Berry House and Needleworks has proudly displayed them from Meg’s earliest years as a major designer.  They are simply perfection inside and out, original in design and concept, high fashion in every sense and a joy to own.

Kae Jeffers can’t resist creating cards and what makes hers totally unigue is that each one is carefully designed, hand water-colored (can you imagine!) and topped off with sayings that simply “tell it like it is”!  These are special cards for special people in your life.  Spread the joy with Kae’s  delightful cards!

Engla Pickett has a natural ability to create art…lovely art!  With an inclination towards the “elegant and sparkly” she is the perfect person to turn loose with elegant papers, sparkly glitters and hundreds of rubber art stamp images.  With eighteen years experience painting the famous Simpich Characters Dolls, Engla brings to Holly Berry House perfectly precise technique which she is eager to pass on as the instructor and creator of fabulous classes in Holly Berry House Originals rubber art stamp “Company Store”.  Luckily, Engla still finds time to create finished paper art that is available for sale in the Christmas room.  This is a must see at Holly Berry House.  For information regarding Engla’s classes just call her at 719-636-2752.


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